Atlantic Technology SA-180 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier, 180-Watt Black

Atlantic technology sa-180 mono Sub 180 Watt Amplifier in Black Massive toroidal transformer. 2-position phase control. Auto-off circuitry. 3-color LED status indicator. 3-position Equalization switch.

Atlantic Technology IW-28SUB Dual 8" Passive In-Wall Thin Bezel Subwoofer Single

Several design features distinguish 28 sub's amazing performance--its powerful, its solid 1"-thick resonant-free MDF baffle, long-throw woofers, and its audiophile-grade crossover. Easy to install in new and existing construction. Built-in, defeat able low-pass filter. Solid, resonance-free MDF baffle. The iw-28 sub's on-board low-pass crossover is then switched to 'off, ' and the crossover functions and bass level duties are handled by the system electronics, as with any powered subwoofer.

Dual heavy-duty long-throw 8-inch woofers. The iw-28 sub from atlantic technology is an in-wall subwoofer that uses dual heavy-duty 8" woofers to deliver rich, vibrant bass to custom-installed audio systems. Boasting amazing hookup flexibility, the iw-28 sub can either be used passively, driven directly off the receiver's front Left/Right speaker outputs by utilizing the IW-28 SUB's on-board low-pass crossover, or it can be driven actively by using a power amplifier such as the Atlantic Technology SA-180 connected to the receiver's 'sub out' jack.

Thin bezel and magnetic grille design disappears into the wall.

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Atlantic Technology SA-180 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier, 180-Watt (Black)